Recycled water for schools

Provided by Deborah Howe, Water Committee

Using recycled water was integral to passing Prop 218.  Because the county received ARPA money for the Water Treatment Plant there is a deadline and this project needs to be completed soon.  The hold up has been that the county wanted to be the agency to bill the schools for the recycled water.  Apparently the schools were not happy with the arrangement. 

The project stalled because they could not agree how to handle this between the county, the schools and the CSD who supplies water to LOMS and Baywood and Golden State who supplies water to Monarch Grove.  This apparently has been resolved. 

The first school to be hooked up will be LOMS.  The purple pipe is installed up to the new meter at the school.  Now the school has to segregate the recreational field from the rest of the water supply.  The recycled water is not potable so it must be used only for irrigation.  Separating the system at LOMS should be complete this summer and will be 90% complete for Baywood Elementary. The LOCSD will be the agency that will bill for the water.  The estimate of how much water will be used is around 10 AF for LOMS and 5 AF for Baywood.