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Please have a look at the latest Safety News from SLO County:


What is LOCAC?

The Los Osos Community Advisory Council is the voice of the community for all land use issues affecting Los Osos. We are an 11 member volunteer group that advises the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, the County Planning Commission, and County staff on land use planning, trees & landscaping, traffic and circulation and other important issues that affect Los Osos. LOCAC is also a voice for protecting Morro Bay and the sensitive environment surrounding our community.

LOCAC will meet on Thursday, October  28, 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. Find the agenda and Zoom link on this page: https://locac.info/meetings/locac-general-meeting/

Redistricting the County is on the Board of Supervisor’s agenda Tuesday, October 26. Find information about that, other information here: https://mailchi.mp/00cf12ef1685/redistricting-district-2-general-meeting-bicycle-advisory-council?e=f5feb86834


The Unhoused Residents Committee is no longer in effect as of SEPTEMBER 8, 2021. The Council will continue to get updates from organizations and agencies about the situation on Palisades to report back to the community at monthly Council meetings. Past recordings and documents are here: https://locac.info/unhoused-residents-committee/

The document linked below is from District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson regarding a new safe parking place for the unhoused currently parked on Palisades Avenue in Los Osos.

Kansas Fact Sheet 210807

This is an email from the County on the Morro Bay pipeline section of the Morro Bay sewer project and
it’s future impact on traffic. Date: sometime in the future.
South Bay Boulevard is one of the two exits out of Los Osos and will be impacted.



The LOCAC contact form is currently out of order. To contact LOCAC members, please use the emails off of this page: https://locac.info/about/

If you want to contact one person who will send your message to ALL LOCAC members, use the email address for the communications officer: lynette_locac@yahoo.com

We are sorry for the inconvenience!



Permits that are over-the-counter and that do not come to LOCAC can be found here. There is a tutorial posted with instructions on how to find current Ministerial Permits.


Who Serves on LOCAC?

LOCAC has two elected representatives from each of four residential districts within Los Osos. The term of office is four years. Only persons who live within the residential district may vote for the candidates from that district. A public election is held in even-numbered years for half the elected seats. The District 2 Supervisor appoints the other three members whose terms are two years (odd-numbered years). There is no limit to the number of terms a member can serve. The new members are seated and officers are elected by the Council each year at the end of the May LOCAC meeting.

Each LOCAC member is expected to be a member of at least one committee in addition to participating in the monthly general meeting. A LOCAC member who is not an officer can expect to spend approximately 6-8 hours per month on LOCAC business.