SLO County Code Enforcement

Here is the County of San Luis Obispo Code Enforcement Department process for reporting code enforcement concerns.

Go to SLO County’s website – here is a hotlink to the forms

    • Fill out the appropriate form (requires the APN or address of violation)
      1. If it is a violation for a short term/vacation rental click on the link to that site or call 805-723-2500
      2. If it is a cannabis violation click on the link to that site
      3. If you would like to speak to the Code Enforcement office staff directly, call 805-781-2350

The Hotline number is 805-788-2350. This number is answered by a third party company 24/7. The person will ask the caller questions to better understand the situation. The third party company will then email all the information received and send it by email to the Code Enforcement Office.

What happens next when the Code Enforcement office receives the written report:

  • The code enforcement concern is assigned an investigator to respond
  • The investigator will contact the reporting party to review complaint
  • The investigator will complete a site inspection

If a violation is found, the owner of the property has one month to resolve the issue

If the violation is not resolved, a fine will be sent to the property owner. Fines are accessed after failure to resolve the identified violations of County Code. Referrals to the County Hearing Officer will occur after failure to resolve the identified violations and failure to pay the assessed fees or fines.

When reporting, please remember there are many good reasons for something to fall out of code, or which may be compliant. All parties have rights.

January Newsletter Content

We have urgent need for some of our members due to the rains.
Our neighbors experienced a major mudslide event and Support Los Osos and others mobilized to help – the project is ongoing and you can find out more at their Facebook page.

We are grateful to all of you who have contributed how you can, and  please share this email so we can make sure we reach as many people as possible with this and other ways to help the community. Big wins for LOCAC in 2023!Tree planting at the community park – email for dates and details Los Osos will be included in DWR’s upcoming Aerial Electromagnetic (AEM) Geophysics Survey in Spring 2023! This could provide a significant opportunity to collect additional hydrogeologic data for the Los Osos Basin and improve our understanding of groundwater flow and seawater intrusion.We were granted a Complete Streets Safety Assessment and will be working to bring all stakeholder groups in Los Osos together to discuss what’s needed and hopefully be forging a collaborative path forward together for everything.We are formalizing our involvement with the CSD as a supportive partnerWe have developed a permitting chart that enables a bit more transparency into the processOutreach committee is about to relaunch – every 4th Wednesday! Links to all meetings on website
See something that should be here? Send us an alert!Did you know?There are ALWAYS people in need in Osos and Support Los Osos is only one of many groups supporting our community. The proliferation of groups is what makes us special.

Do you take walks? If you see Sahara Mustard – yank it out, now’s the time!

Go electric in your home, office, and transportation affordably thanks to local rebates!

See something that should be here? Send us an alert!In the news!- SLO Trib editorial about the Patten supervisor map leaving us unrepresented
– President Biden declares Federal Emergency in SLO County due to rains
– Citizens Group Fighting for Los Osos
– Coastal trail takes a big step forward
– Monarch Grove in Los Osos

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Planting at Los Osos Community Park

The planting project at Los Osos Community Park which was approved by the LOCAC Board at their December 15, 2022 meeting has gotten the “go ahead” from the County. We are now working to gather volunteers to help with the planting. Please let us know your preference for either Saturday January 14th or 21st beginning at 9AM to volunteer for 1 to 2 hours to work with County staff to plant.  Heavy rain cancels. Pursuant to the approved plan (which can be found on the LOCAC website under the December 15, 2022 meeting), the new plantings will be on the corner of Palisades (working around the spot where the Holiday Tree goes each year) and LOVR in front of the Community Park. 
If you are interested in helping with this exciting community project, please  reply with your preference for either the 14th or 21st to LOCAC member John Lindt at by Wednesday January 11th. Once we tally to preferences, we will announce the day. Thank you in advance!