Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee meets the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Sea Pines small conference room, 1945 Solano St, Los Osos, unless otherwise noticed.

LOCAC MEMBERS: Margaret Mayfield, Chair, Lynette Tornatzky, Larry Bender, Yael Korin, Tim Carstairs. PUBLIC MEMBERS: Julie Tacker, Linde Owen, Paul Hershfield, Trish Bartel, Sue Morganthaler.

Next Meeting: November 1, 2018

Previous Meeting Agendas & Minutes

10/1/18 Land Use Agenda  – DIRECT LINK to Referral Package-Golden State  – DIRECT LINK to Referral Package- Beekman (formerly Isaman)10/01/18-rev Minutes

08/06/18 Land Use Agenda – DIRECT LINK to McDonald Referral Package – DIRECT LINK to Collins Referral Package – DIRECT LINK to Hirsig Referral Package08/06/18 Minutes REV

Land Use Agenda for 07/02/18 – DIRECT LINK to Kroll Referral Package – DIRECT LINK to Mining Referral Package – DIRECT LINK to Kellogg Referral Package – DIRECT LINK to Enerle Referral Package7/2/18 Minutes

6/4/18 Agenda – DIRECT LINK to Referral Package06/04/18 Minutes

5/7/18 LUC Agenda – 05/07/18 LUC Minutes

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