Vacancies looking for filling!

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We are now on the hunt for people who love representing their community – districts 1 + 3 (Click here to see what district you’re in) – we could especially used some people to represent business owners, renters, or minority populations (including income, ethnicity, or parents of school aged children!) If you’re interested let Trish Bartel know! She will be glad to answer any questions you have!

  • Land Use committee looking for members – visit our website to learn more!

    (Thanks, Marie, for the feedback!)

Who Represents You?

With the district remapping (and lawsuits trying to change that) – how will Los Osos be covered?

“Voters in Morro Bay, who now reside in District 3, and voters in Los Osos and Oceano, who now reside in District 5, would have had the chance to vote in this election — but now must wait until 2024 to vote for a supervisor in their new districts.”

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