No excuses – Run or Register for Election 2024

We will be holding elections for all four Districts this year. Take a look at the people you’ll be serving with. Then click the button below!

Don’t want to run? You have two options to vote for your district candidate this year!

  • In person: In person elections will be held on May 4th, time and location TBD.
  • Online: you must register and provide proof of residency. We must verify you are a resident in order to count your vote. Once we do that and online elections begin, you will be emailed a unique ID to vote for a candidate with. Online election process is provided securely through ElectionBuddy. We will not be able to view results, and your vote will be anonymous, until end of Election Day on May 4th at midnight.

Election Timeline


  • Candidate applications by March 31
    • Candidates vetted by April 4 and posted online
  • Online voter registrations by April 30
    • Applications for online voter registration will be batched weekly
  • Online elections open April 1-May 4th at 11:59
  • In person elections on May 4th @ X location from X time

2022 Election Results and Opportunities

Election information!

The results of the May 7, 2022 Election of LOCAC are:
District 1 – Patrick McGibney

District 2 – Kristen Horowitz

Filling Vacant Seats

There has been a nominating committee which has come up with the criteria for candidates who wish to fill the following appointed seats:

District 3 – 4 year term
District 4 – 4 year term
District 1 – 1 year term to fill the vacancy
District 2 – 3 year term to fill the vacancy

Please READ the Nominating Process-5 * for filling the seats listed above.

To apply:

Write a CANDIDATE STATEMENT, submit that (see email address in the above linked document) along with your SIGNED copies of the documents below:
Signature Page Conditions of Service– Appointed Members
Signature Page_ Standards 1-28-21
*NOTE – this document has been AMENDED and was re-posted on Monday, May 23.

2022 Election Information

LOCAC is holding an election for council seats this year.
The election will be held
Saturday, May 7,  from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
at the
Los Osos/Baywood Park Chamber of Commerce parking lot,
781 Los Osos Valley Road, (corner of Palisades) Los Osos.

If you are planning to vote on Saturday, please bring identification so that we can verify your age and residency for the district in which you are voting. 

Any questions and for absentee ballots, please contact:

DISTRICT 1 — three candidates for one seat on District 1. There are two open seats, but one member left early, and that seat will be filled by an appointee for one year.
Patrick Kimbell Letter.docx

      McGibney-Candidate letter


DISTRICT 2 — two candidates for one seat
TomC Application SignedTomC Conditions_of_Service SignedTomC Candidate statement.

Signature Page_ Standards 1-28-21-2

There were no candidates for Districts 3 and 4.