District Map

DISTRICT 1: All homes on Paso Robles and north of Paso Robles Ave (or an extension of Paso) and west of the URL and Osos Creek. Recognizing that Paso Robles does not go through westward beyond 11th St, all house numbers less that 1500 on 3rd through 9th St. Would be in District 1.
DISTRICT 2: All homes south of Paso Robles Ave. (Or an extension of of Paso, for all house numbers on 3rd through 9th St that are greater than or equal to 1500) to Los Osos Valley Rd, including houses on the north side of LOVR, to the East to South Bay Blvd, including houses on the west side of South Bay, and to the west to a line that includes all the houses on Bush Dr. And Ferrell Ave., Then eastward at the end of Ferrell Ave. To the corner of San Luis Ave. And 5th St., Then at a compass course of 333 degrees, true, to the edge of Morro Bay.
DISTRICT 3: A U-shaped area that includes everything east of South Bay Blvd., Including houses on the east side of South Bay, to the URL and everything south of LOVR to the URL, everything west of South Bay to Broderson Ave, an extension of Broderson north to Morro Bay at the Audubon Sweet Springs Nature Preserve, including all houses on both sides of Broderson, and the area outside of the URL to the east, as defined by County Planning as the area of influence for LOCAC, as of the map in effect in January 2006.
DISTRICT 4: Everything West of Broderson Ave (and its northward extension) to the URL on the west and south and bounded on the north by the bay.